A MuSwiki is a Swiki-like system which uses Morphic objects instead of HTML. The main MuSwiki page is:

The key features of a MuSwiki are:

This work results from a collaboration between Mark Guzdial and Lex Spoon.


Here's an example MuSwiki page, shown within a browser. In addition to having hyperlinks and graphic content, note that this page has active elements: the time-of-day is correct and ticking, and the waveform can be played as a sound and modified.


To try MuSwiki yourself, you will first need Squeak 2.8. Once you have a 2.8 image installed, you should install the following changesets:

After loading the above changesets, enter a Morphic project and start a new MuSwiki server as follows:

s _ MuSwikiServer on: 'MuSwikiPages'.
s startListeningOnPort: 9090.
s openAdminMorph.

Then, you can create browsers in the same or other images by using the following code:

MuSwikiBrowser new openInMorphic.

Lex Spoon