MARTA in action! (February 28, 2007)

Atlanta's public transportation system is called MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). Since Fay and I are sharing a car, I ended up riding it home from a dentist appointment. Since most Atlantans have forgotten than MARTA even exists, I thought I would share a little about the experience.

On the whole the trip was okay but slow. Driving to the dentist in a car, during heavy traffic, took 30 minutes. Taking MARTA back, during light traffic, took 103 minutes.

time event time spent
walking waiting riding
9:42 left dentist
9:51 arrived at station 9
9:52 boarded train 1 1
10:01 left train 1 9
10:17 boarded train 2 16
10:30 left train 2 13
10:58 boarded bus 28
11:15 left bus 17
11:25 arrived home 10
total 19 45 39

MARTA cannot do very much about the walking and riding columns, given the existing layout of the city's road system. So even with a perfect MARTA, the trip would have taken a minimum of 58 minutes, which is about twice what it takes to drive.

Anyway, the system works okay on the whole. I really have just one wish: post some stupid maps and schedules!

Lex Spoon