Better mail it certified (June 14, 2007)

I am learning, to my chagrin, that it is really important to mail things with certified mail in Lausanne. My experiences with de Rham are the most notable case, where they responded to my every email but conveniently lost one that was crucial. I should not have been misled by their friendly tone in earlier emails; they can and will take advantage of you if you slip up somewhere.

Today I just learned that The Internet Company has conveniently lost my cancellation letter, and has quietly charged me for three more months of service. I was already miffed at them because I cancelled in 2006 and they still said I had to pay for January-March of 2007. I accepted it, though, because that is the written service agreement, so it was my mistake. Now, though, they have conveniently "lost" my cancellation letter. If this sticks, I owe at least 3, and probably 6, more months of service fees, bringing the possible total to 11 months paid for a service unused. I wonder if they are also charging the new occupant of that same apartment?

Sending certified mail costs over five times more than normal mail. In Lausanne, I guess that is just what you have to do, however.

Lex Spoon