First impressions (October 24, 2005)

Disconnection. When I arrived here I had zero keys in my pocket. No house, no car, no office. I arrived on a Sunday, with the university closed, so I couldn't just drop into the lab and get my local contacts to help out. It's a really strange feeling being in a foreign place, not belonging anywhere, not yet knowing how to do any of the basic day to day things, bootstrapping from nothing but some suitcases, a passport, and a pocket full of plastic.

For future reference, I highly recommend trying to have a local acquaintance greet you when you arrive in town. Then you have someone to lean on for all of the little things in life (where to eat, where is good to stay, what services and bureaucracies you should concentrate on first, where can you get Internet access, how do people get around town, and on and on). Olin picked me up when I visited Denmark in the past, and it was a tremendous help.

Here are some first impressions:

Lex Spoon