New DVD formats with "copy" protection (April 30, 2006)

Fundamentally, it is necessary to copy a DVD in order to view it. The computer in your DVD player must first copy the data from the DVD into memory before it can even display the contents. Of course, once there is a copy in memory, nothing stops a computer from saving it back out to a new DVD. Thus, making a copy of a DVD is approximately the same work as playing the DVD. Since copy-protection is fundamentally impossible, the mere attempt becomes intrusive. Sadly, it looks like the next generation of DVD's are going to have even such efforts, not less. Thus, we will continue to have the same basic problems as now:

Blah. Times are changing, and copyright-based protections are just not practical any more. It is time for the media industries to move on and find a new business model. Meanwhile, Americans should revert enough of DMCA that our Linux users can legally watch DVD's on their computers.

Lex Spoon