Now I just need a flying car! (January 13, 2007)

My life just got a little bit better, thanks to advanced technology:

Fay encouraged me to just go look at how much microwaves are, and there was a big sale today! I snagged the last one available. As a result, my apartment is now filled with space-age technology.

Surprisingly, it is actually a dual-mode oven. In addition to microwaving (at 1200W), it can also use conventional convection heat (at 1000W). So when you cook, you have to press the button for which kind of heating you want. If you use microwaving, you are supposed to take out the metal grill that you see in the picture.

In the United States, I have never seen this kind of oven. Lots of people have both a microwave and a separate "toaster oven". I saw them in Denmark a lot, though, and today a the store it was the only option I saw.

Lex Spoon