Last trip over (September 2, 2007)

I am in the airport now, about to fly over to Switzerland for the last time. I and Fay just had birthdays, and we celebrated them at the South Carolina beach with lots of family around. It was a relaxing trip despite the three couples having constantly simmering almost-arguments and despite the 9-month old we all needed to tiptoe around. There's just nothing like the sound of endlessly crashing waves on the beach, and there's nothing like seeing family again after a significant delay. I only wish we could have done it for two weeks instead of one.

I scored two really great toys out of this. Fay gave me a GPS device, which both finds directions for you and lets you hack the software. Mamma gave me a coffee roaster, which both makes delicious coffee and lets you hack the roasting program. I will leave this roaster in Atlanta; I had one before but it eventually broke after too many trips across the Ocean!

Gotta go board now. It's my last trip over, and I can't wait to get things wrapped up and settle back down in Atlanta.

Lex Spoon