Having fun at JAOO '07 (September 24, 2007)

Public bathrooms come in pairs. To tell them apart, the international convention is that the women's bathroom is the one in the long line of people waiting outside. The men's bathroom, then, is the one you can walk right into. Oddly, computer conferences use the exact opposite convention. At a computer conference, it is the men's bathroom with the line. I half expected to see a lady or two not pay attention and get in line for the wrong bathroom.

I had a good time at JAOO (pronounced "Jow"). It was fun presenting Scala to people who might actually be able to use it; usually I talk with people who, well, talk about computers, rather than actually do anything with them. It was difficult rushing to prepare for this talk, since I am in the middle of moving and all, but it was well worth it. Plus, it was nice visiting Aarhus again--I have many fond memories of the place.

The conference as a whole was more informal than I am used to. Whenever names were listed, they were alphabetized by first name, not last. We did not have banquets, but parties. And the parties were rocking! The high point was the Absolute Girls rocking for us. How cool is that--all four female attendees made a rock band? They played Stayin' Alive, and you should have seen all those computer nerds break out their disco moves.

By the way, if you have never done so, check out Charles in Space. This guy managed to score a seat on a Russian Soyuz going up to the space station, and he told us all about it. (For my presentation, I will show you slides from my summer vacation.) It's fun stuff.

Lex Spoon