I do (May 11, 2007)

The question is asked, "Is there anything more beautiful in life than a boy and a girl clasping hands and pure hearts in the path of marriage? Can there be anything more beautiful than young love?"

And the answer is given. "Yes, there is a more beautiful thing. It is a man and a woman growing old together, finishing their lives' journey together on that path. When they grow old, though their hands become gnarled, they are still clasped; though their faces become wrinkled, they are still radiant; their hearts are physically bowed and tired, but still strong with love and devotion for one another. Yes, there is a more beautiful thing than young love. Old love."

Blessings on you, Lex and Fay, that God will bless your marriage to have long lives and grow old together, that you may grow more and more in love with each other as you grow in love with God, our Father.

That is the message my mother spoke at the wedding of Fay and myself. She then gave us our vows, and at 4:17 p.m., April 28, 2007, Fay and I started our marriage.

Fay, I do not what chance brought our meandering paths to cross. I do not know what lapse of judgement let you accept me as your husband. What I do know is that I will treat you as well as this poor guy can manage.

Lex Spoon