Christmas (December 30, 2006)

It was another great Christmas. The houses and streets were filled with softly glowing lights. The radio played Christmas songs day and night. The food was out of this world, real soul food for Spoons and Salvarases: lasagna, baked ham, squash casserole, apple pie, baklava, ... yum!

Of course, no Christmas would be complete without chocolate. Fay scored a box of Durig, a box of Godiva, a box of Whitman, and a bag of Lindt chocolates that you can hang on your tree--that's four things of chocolate before you even count things like chocolate Santa's and Reeses-filled candy canes !

Best of all was that Fay and I spent Christmas time together this time. The three days before Christmas, we hung out in Dalton with her friends and family, on the day itself and the day after we hung out in Greenville with mine. I hated being away on Christmas Eve, and I'm sure she felt the same about Christmas Day, but I think this arrangement worked out better than last year, where we spent the whole time with our respective families... and the whole time on the phone with each other!

Happy holidays to everyone!

Lex Spoon