Bad advice inside Charles de Gaulle (July 25, 2006)

The first time I came through the Charles de Gaulle airport, I was dumped into a pile of people waiting on too few buses. Being in a hurry, I asked the people in airport uniforms if there was a way to walk instead of wait, and they said no. Believing them, I dutifully waited and then rode a crowded bus on a slow tour around the perimeter, barely making my flight. Later I learned the official was wrong, and you can perfectly well walk.

Today, I find myself in this airport again. I walked up to my gate, the nice lady ran my ticket through the machine, and said no, you are too early, you need to wait here because your flight is the next one. I dutifully waited, and my flight left from a different gate.

I do not like this airport. Yes, it looks nice. However, it has a confusing layout, poor signage, and poor internal transportation. Not even the officials know what is going on.

Lex Spoon